Open Source Security

Aligned with your Security Objectives

Perhaps you are developing an application and its security is an important design requirement. Or you are integrating a third-party application or service and are concerned about its security. Subgraph has the experience to understand your business needs and make sure that your security assessment addresses them: from the design of the assessment to the final report.

Recognized Expertise

The founders of Subgraph have worked on well-known security tools and commercial products, have found major vulnerabilities, spoken at international conferences, are published authors and have been quoted by the press as subject matter experts. Our decades of combined experience in security research gives you an objective, expert assessment of system security.

Security Assessments

Subgraph professional services offers penetration tests of both networks and applications.

  • Architecture review and threat modeling
  • Application penetration testing
  • Source code review
  • Network penetration testing


Subgraph can train your developers on application security, bringing them up to speed with the most current secure development, configuration and deployment practices.

Penetration Testing Web Applications
  • When: TBA
  • Where: Montreal
  • Instructor: David Mirza Ahmad
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Subgraph can give you assurance that an application or network is resilient against the most recent attacks.

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